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Our Certifications

The certification as regards the balance of the ecosystem.

GLOBALGAP has been established as a key reference for Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) in the global market. GLOBALGAP's primary purpose is to restore consumer confidence in a way that food is produced on the farm by minimizing the destructive environmental impacts of farming processes, reducing chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to health, safety and welfare.

Our farms have been certified for good agricultural practices with GLOBALGAP by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.


Certification in Food Safety management

Food safety is directly linked to consumer safety at the point of consumption. A food safety risk can occur at any stage of the food chain and for this reason it is necessary to apply systematic and adequate control.

 The packaging and storage of our products have been certified according to the ISO 22001 standard by TUV HELLAS.


Organic Certification

Today, the agricultural management of crops in such a way that works with respect for the environment and the ecosystem, providing products with superior taste and quality characteristics, is absolutely necessary. For the production of these products, a series of principles and rules are applied which are based on National and Community legislation. The assurance of the consumer that all the necessary rules have been observed is provided by recognized organizations that certify the organic crop and product.

PHILOSYKOS from the beginning of its establishment, faithful to the principles, thus recognizing the relationship that organic farming has with sustainable development, started the procedures for the organic production of products which is inextricably linked to the balance of the ecosystem.

Our figs have been certified as organic and the figs we produce are also organic by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

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