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gold drawing by philosykos
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It sweetens your day

Gold drawing by Philosykos
GOLD drawing by Philosykos
Figs by Philosykos

​Philosykos, from Greek Φίλος (Friend) & ​​Σύκο(fig)

Philosykos, from the Greek (philo) loving (sykos) fig comes our inspiration, ‘friends of figs’. An ancient Mediterranean food that’s rich in nutrients and tastes simply delicious.


Even better when they’re organic so there’s no processing or harmful additives. We follow strict organic farming guidelines and take pride in ordering superb quality with a stamp of Protected Destination Origin products exclusively from Kimi, Greece.


At philosykos, we offer traditional quality and taste with modern standards of production, wholesome values and great respect for our trees and their delights

A Fig By Philosykos

Discover the natural quality of dried Kymi figs with Philosykos

Each sun-drenched fig from "PHILOSYKOS" brings within it the life that only the sun and nature can bring.

The Mediterranean climate can give this generously, infused with sweetness and nourishing power of the Aegean. Our figs are unique, their taste and nutritional value have been valued for generations. We are honored to be able to share this tradition with our customers and we hope that every fig nourishes your day with some sun, sea and our values that stem from the tradition and hospitality of our region.

Our story

The beauty and essence of Kymi figs.


Our unique quality characteristics

Soft and fresh
With our unique airtight packaging we naturally preserve all the taste.
Kimi Fig trees
Kimi and Euboea traditionally offer the best quality figs in the world.
Naturally Sun dried
Sourced from the sun-drenched orchards of Kimi, our figs are carefully harvested and naturally sun-dried to preserve their delicate sweetness. 
Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, our figs make for a nutritious and satisfying treat that can be enjoyed anywhere.
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