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Our Heritage

The family company PHILOSYKOS was founded in Kymi Evia in 2017 by the brothers Antonis, George and Paraskevi Geralis.


Born and raised in Koumios, they learned as children the traditional cultivation and drying of the famous figs of Kymi alongside their parents and grandparents.

Fresh figs by Philosykos
Fig trees by Philosykos
Philosykos packaging
Figs by Philosykos
Kimi Eyboea Landscape

Kymi of Evia

Today, in six fields with 700 fully organically cultivated figs, Antonis, Giorgos and Paraskevi combine the traditional methods of collecting and drying figs with modern methods of preparation, packaging and storage, offering consumers dried Kymi figs of high quality and excellent nutritional value. worth.

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