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Our Sun-dried Figs

Delicate and juicy, Kymi dried figs remain soft compared to figs from other regions thanks to their special drying technique. After being opened in the middle, and then spread out in the sun, two open, equal-sized figs are joined, transforming them into the traditional "ascada".  

Dry figs by Philosykos
Fig by Philosykos

One of a kind and with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

 dried Kymi figs are combined not only with traditional yogurt and ice cream, but also with cool salads, yellow cheeses, grilled meat, bread and cakes. 

Rich in fiber and sugars, iron, potassium, selenium and calcium, dried figs provide well-being, protecting the cardiovascular system, while they are one of the most effective ways to "cleanse" the body. 


Kymi figs

Kymi figs have been a favorite part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries and we are proud to be part of the tradition of sharing them with people we love and love us. Their unique taste is the result of the perfect combination of the Mediterranean sun that illuminates them, of the Aegean breeze that caresses them every minute and of course of the fertile soil of Kymi that nourishes them.

Figs are more than a tasty treat, they are part of the cultural heritage of our region, with a history dating back to ancient times.

Philosykos Packaging & tradition

Today, with respect and love for tradition, we apply integrated organic farming practices designed to protect the health of our employees, the quality of our products and the environment, using sustainable agricultural practices, such as soil conservation, responsible use of energy water and avoiding the use of pesticides.

We follow strict food safety guidelines to ensure that our figs are safe for our consumers. We believe that these practices create a healthy and completely natural product for you. We believe that the combination of tradition and innovation is the key to the creation of the best dried figs. The traditional drying methods ensure that the figs retain their taste and nutritional value, while the modern packaging and storage techniques ensure that they remain safe and fresh.


A true superfood

Each step of the fig drying process is designed to highlight the best taste and nutritional value in figs. We believe that by respecting the process of cultivation, harvesting, production and packaging, we can create a product that is truly special.

The gentle method of drying the figs allows them to retain their natural sweetness and flavor, while the process of "mating" two figs that we only do here in Kymi, keeps in them the nutrients that make the figs so special for the customers. By following these traditional methods, we are able to offer a product that is not only delicious but contains a philosophy for the modern diet.

The nutritional value of our figs is truly impressive. In addition to vitamins and minerals, our figs also contain many nutrients such as copper, magnesium, manganese, and selenium. They also have a high content of dietary fiber, which can help with digestion and weight management. And let's not forget the powerful antioxidants that help fight disease and promote overall health. With so many health benefits, it's easy to understand why dried Kymi figs are considered a real SUPERFOOD!

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