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Get to know Kymi figs

The leaves of the Kymi fig tree.

Each shoot of this variety has 9-12 leaves per shoot. The leaves are green, have three to five spatulate lobes and the shape of the base of the leaf is heart-shaped. Their leaf surface is large with the leaves being 22 cm long and 20-21 cm wide.

The margins of the leaves are toothed with teeth directed forward and the toothing of the margin covering all sides of the lobes. The density of hairs on the upper surface of the leaves is non-existent while on the lower part of the leaf it is sparse.The leaf stalk is light green, 8.5-9 cm long, 6.5-7 cm thick and the cross-section of the stem is round.

The Fruits of the Kymi fig tree

The uniformity of the fruits is great, with the fruits having a globular, opioid shape and a conical apex.

The fruit are very large in diameter and long, with a very large ostiole and weight 44 - 123 g. The length of the neck of the fruits ranges from 10 to 17 mm while the pedicel, which is short and thick, starts from 2 to 5 mm and is easily cut from the stem.

The color of the peel is light green with a few yellow streaks and is easily separated from the flesh. Wrist fissures have the appearance of split skin and are highly resistant in the ostiole region.

The consistency of the flesh is medium, its thickness is 20-29 mm and the cavity of the fruit in the longitudinal section is medium. The flesh is red, slightly juicy, aromatic and with a moderate number of small-sized seeds.

Quality characteristics of Kymi figs:

From measurements made on Kymi figs, we provide you with the most important quality characteristics of:

  • pH=5

  • Total soluble solids= 17.9

  • Volumetric acidity =0.35

  • Soluble solids/volumetric acidity = 50.22

  • Soluble solids are expressed in brix.

  • The measured acidity is expressed in g of citric acid per 100 g of fresh sample.

They contain

  • Citric acid= 1.67 mg/g

  • Fumaric acid =0.02 mg/g

  • Malic acid =0.41 mg/g

  • Shikimic acid=0.03 mg/g

  • Total organic acids=2.15 mg/g

  • Sucrose =0.44 mg/g

  • Glucose=14.69 mg/g

  • Fructose=13.89 mg/g

  • Total sugars=29.03 mg/g

  • Sweetness Index=47.25cde

  • Total phenolic compounds =0.58a mg/g

  • Total flavanols =0.06ab mg/g

  • Total flavonoids=0.10a mg/g

  • Antioxidant capacity DPPH measurement method 1.18 μmol

  • Antioxidant capacity measurement method FRAP 2.49 Trox/gr

Source: The source of the above analyzes is part of the annual analyzes carried out by PHILOSYKOS in an accredited laboratory and available to our customers. Analyzes are expressed as the M.O. of three years of analyzes from samples from the same occasions.

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